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Thank you for your support of FAUN

About Membership Dues:

FAUN is financially supported solely through member dues.  Dues are used to provide refreshments at the meetings as well as to facilitate training efforts.  For example, search at times a member who has committed to paying for a seat has to withdraw.  In the past we have held classes by finding the lowest cost provider and then splitting the cost of the instructor, the lab, and the manuals.   If there is only a moderate shortfall, dues can be used to avoid the cancellation of the class..

Non-FAUN members have a slightly higher rate for the training. In general, treatment it is more economical to join FAUN.

A membership fee will be collected each year by the Treasurer according to the following fee structure:

Student                                                                             $10.00
Individual                                                                          $30.00
Organizations with fewer than 30 user-members             $120.00
Organizations with more than 30 user-members              $175.00

The membership year will begin July 1st and run to June 30th of the following year. Payments can be made through the PayPal form below or by check using the membership form below.

Pay Membership Fees via PayPal:

FAUN Annual Membership

Downloading the Membership Form:

The membership form can be downloaded below.  Please send your dues for the year to support the user group.  If you have any questions regarding membership or if you need to have a hard copy mailed to you, please contact the FAUN treasurer at

Download the version that works best for you.

SC FAUN Membership Form – Microsoft Word

SC FAUN Membership Form – PDF


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